Political Action Committee

The Greer Political Action Committee is designed to financially support public officials who support the Chamber’s efforts to create more and better jobs. As the Chamber holds public officials accountable to support the business community, the business community must do its job to support pro-economic development and pro-jobs elected officials.

The Greer Political Action Committee plans to hold fundraisers, such as special events, as well as tapping into the business community for direct contributions in hopes of raising the dollars necessary to support public officials who support economic development. The organization even will have a voluntary line item on its invoice for other businesses to give even a small amount to help the effort.

It is made up of a board of directors who are appointed by the Chamber Board leadership and will be charged with raising funds, deciding to whom to contribute and the amount of each contribution. The organization will determine to whom to give based on that individual’s track record and stances on economic development and job creation. 

In a day when elections are won by votes and money, it is imperative that the Chamber get involved at the very heart of elections. Jobs depend on it.

If you would like more information about the Political Action Committee, contact Allen Smith at allen@greerchamber.com .

Please click here for the Political Action Committee Brochure and Sign-up form.